• Take your iTunes with you

    You've got a huge music collection in your iTunes at home.

    You want to access that music from the office, at a friend's party, or let other people hear it from anywhere in the world.

    Install pulpTunes and access your music from anywhere, through a web browser.

  • Works on Mac, Windows and even Linux!

    After started, a little orange will appear in your tray (as shown to the left), and you'll be given your machine's IP address.

    To access your music from outside your home network, just point any browser to that address.

    For Linux environments (where iTunes is not available) you just need an iTunes XML file which points to the music files.

  • Simple to use, yet powerful

    • Supports MP3 and AAC (M4A) files
    • Download songs with a right-click
    • Displays cover art if found
    • Limited iPhone support through Mobile Safari
    • Generate direct links to songs or playlists to send to your friends
    • iTunes DJ integration (formerly called Party Shuffle)
    • Adjustable buffer level: useful for slow connections
    • Automatic router configuration when possible
    • Malware-free guaranteed
    • Fully translated into various languages

  • Advanced Features

    • Users/groups permission management
    • Command-line mode for server environments
    • Detailed logs
    • Customizable footer

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